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Homeowners want a beautiful, healthy, more weed-free lawn. LawnAmerica is a professional that provides weed control, fertilization and many other optional services. Part of our job is to educate you on how you can care for your lawn to compliment our services, such as how to properly water your lawn, and mowing your lawn correctly.

The best defense against weeds is always a thick, healthy, well fertilized turf. Our custom granular fertilizers expertly applied will green up your lawn green, and help keep it thick and healthy. Our lawn care programs are designed to provide the perfect blend of nutrients at the proper time to deliver a thick and growing turf that will choke out many undesirable weeds.

Many weeds are best controlled with a pre-emergent herbicide applied before the weeds germinate. Summer annual weeds such as crabgrass can be prevented with an early spring liquid pre-emergent applied with our Round 1 Treatment. Winter annual weeds are stopped with our last treatment of the season—the Late Fall. In between these two liquid treatments, we spray post-emergent weed control products to control existing weeds that pop up during the growing season. Depending upon your lawn care program choice, you’ll receive from one to five regular treatments of post-emergent weed control during the middle part of the growing season.

While pre-emergent products are good, they are not 100% effective. With different weather and environmental conditions, you may have some weeds still appear. These will need to be spot-treated with special post-emergent herbicides. Many broadleaf weeds and nutsedge cannot be prevented with a pre-emergent herbicide, so they need to be sprayed as they come up during the growing season, usually on a spot-treatment basis.



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